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Born in Warwick, lived in Kenilworth for a short period of time, I then moved to Coventry at two years old. I still live in the same house now, and went to a Primary school and Secondary school that were both five minutes away from where I lived. 

This led me to crave a change in scene as I entered my A-Levels, which took me back to Kenilworth. There I studied Graphic Design, Geography, Sociology and English Literature.

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Graphic design was my favourite subject for years, studying it at GCSE too; it solidified my love for design, and combined with my urban surroundings I found myself wanting to study the buildings and interiors we all live in. 

Then came the decision of what to do after my A-Levels, deciding to go to University I took months to decide on my exact course and location. Finally deciding on Interior and Environmental Design at Dundee University.

I had never been to Scotland before the open day at the University, but I knew when I arrived that it was the right place for me. So I made the move; a decision I have not regretted.

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Now completing my second year at University I have created a multitude of work, that you can view here.

I am also always making and creating personal work, especially that of illustrations and graphic design pieces that have both been long-time passions of mine. If you are interested you can see that work here.

I also do commissioned work, sometimes tattoo designs and illustration work for people's writing and other times logo or branding design. Which I am hoping to continue doing more on a wider-reaching scale as my University degree progresses.

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