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" Peer into the degree show work of your final year IED peers. Often it’s the emergent themes, creative risks and experiments in third
year IED that provides the foundation for exciting work in final year. Review all the work of all the year. Look closely at the way that the creative process is valued and expressed in the final
work. In particular, look at each students Thesis Magazine. Select 1 student’s work which really impresses you in terms of its creativity,
themes or issues their work explores."

Lee’s work focuses on the importance of ‘bothies’ in the Scottish landscape, as a place of refuge and rest. Creating her own trail of five bothies that intend to remove people momentarily from the outdoor realities they face and immerse themselves in these unique spatial experiences.

I personally find that Lee’s work is beautifully presented and so easy to follow, as well as the subject matter being very enjoyable to read about, and I can even imagine it becoming a reality. I have fond memories of going on walks as a child, and to come across even just on of these bothies would have been a really memorable experience. My favourite ‘Bothy’ is The Doocot, the ability for people travelling to leave ‘totems’ and small sentimental items is a really lovely one.


The idea of spending time just admiring items left; wondering who they were and what the items meant to them is something I would genuinely spend hours doing if able to do so.

The work itself as well is presented skillfully and is engaging and enjoyable to look through. As well as easily being able to envisage the bothies in reality; making them all the more desirable to me and wishing they were a reality.

Lee Johnstone
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Dervla Duncan-Cox

With a biophilic design focus, Dervla’s work explores user well-being and the importance of understanding humans’ needs on a spatial design level. Located in Dundee, Balgay Park, the project named ‘Space’ is intended to be a space for individuals to engage in activities that encourage personal growth and ‘allow for different types of healing’ in specially allocated zones within the structure.

Spaces that focus on mental and physical well-being in several ways are designed beautifully and are cohesive from an aesthetic point of view. Carefully considering how best to create the best environment in which people will feel at ease and able to heal in any way that they need to. I think the work is presented in keeping with the impression that is desired. Natural imagery being the basis for a lot of the structural considerations is also very cleverly done and has allowed the spaces created to continually be cohesive and successfully navigate the space desired.

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