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"Raise awareness of contemporary practices. [See the list below] Some are big, small, regional, in the EU or global. DJCAD Interior
graduates have worked in a majority. Others are included as their work is acclaimed, exciting and/ or experimental. You might notice certain patterns or approaches to their web presence in this list too."

Imagination Studio

The Imagination Studio is a community-centred creative, craft-based group that encourages people of all ages to engage in inventive and artistic practices. Based in Canada, and heavily inspired by the imaginative boundaries that many children can cross, the studio travels and hosts events wherein people can express themselves in unique workshops. Workshops including; earring making, botanical fabric dyeing and even painting sessions. I personally find this studio’s ethic and ideology to be very exciting and really enjoy the community led feel, allowing those who may not always have access to a wide variety of good quality art supplies or the space/ time to have their own the opportunity to participate in these activities.

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Counterfeit Studio

Counterfeit Studio is an interior design and architectural firm that, “redefine[s] how people and brands connect in the built environment”. Working with very renowned brands, creating commercial spaces that are an exploration of modern materiality, combined with spatial thinking in order to create appropriate atmosphere’s and experiences for customers. Brands such as Carhartt, Footpatrol and Moleskine – these high-end brands receive very tailored and on-trend interior design to reflect their branding. I personally have always loved shops’ interiors such as Carhartt, the mock-industrial materiality and look creates a space that is unlike many other shops, that seem stuck in another realm of retail that may soon be long-forgotten.


Hassell Studio  

A multi-disciplinary studio, focusing on a more globalized view of the design world; with ever-changing approaches to lives, trends and an uncertain future – design is now at the center of how we as a society move forward and continue to adapt and there its importance is held. Interested in sustainable design as well as providing unique experiential and spatial design; such as ‘Pause, Melbourne Design Week’, wherein an installation was placed in order to encourage people to leave their phones outside of this pod-like structure, all the while pulsating and glowing, and allow themselves this unique experience all by themselves. I am extremely fond of this particular project, the look and aesthetic of it is incredible as well as the interest in singular thought and our current attachments to capturing all that we can (however I don’t think this urge is a bad thing at all personally).


Diller Scofodio + Renfro

Diller Scofodio + Renfro studio, based in New York, and with a very keen interest in urban architectural practices and noticeably public installation art; as well as using a variety of digital media interfaces to enhance the experiences they create and provide. Much of their work centers around societal issues and controversial topics, such as their 2008 installation, “DOES THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME?”. The interesting use of multi-media and physical interactive and experiential spaces interests me hugely and makes their work unique and have a depth which some other architectural groups may not have achieved in the same way.


Ben Kelly Design  

A renowned designer from the UK, Ben Kelly’s recognizable and striking work has garnered him much respect amongst the design community. From famous works such as, ‘The Haçienda’, to more modern installations for cliental including The Vinyl Factory in 2017. His use of line and form to spatially transform a space is what makes his work recognizable. The bold design choices create dynamic spaces that are very appropriate for experiential installation work; that intends to immerse people in the design-landscape created. Much of his work is used for music or fashion related events, the spaces being used for their lively, harsh and even somewhat vivacious interior aesthetic. Successfully transforming a space into a coveted one.

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