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"We’d like you to establish one provocative statement, a personal position that you feel offers some insights about this weird,
nebulous and slippery thing called the interior. Your provocation should challenge assumptions, avoid clichés and signal that you are now thinking about the interior on a different level and certainly differently than you did in the past."

I believe that attempts made on defining interiors crushes the scope of possibilities that can be achieved. Traditional and subjective limitations of categorisation drastically need altering; leading to a progression of more conceptual and uninhibited design. Rather than the somewhat continual mainstream regression of our collective understanding of the interior and its capabilities.  


Christmas in Paris 2012: Hermés

"Hermés as usual is a feast of unbridled luxury and decadence. The windows by Leila Menchari seem a little more Easter than Christmas with the pastel colors and a  bunny rabbit perched on a pistachio green handbag. Ostriches and feathers are heavily used and the animal portraits in fanciful, guilded frames are quite whimsical."

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